The one where Bridezilla was just a stressed out girl with a 3 ct. ring

Bachelorette Party

…I gotta stand up for my bride babes & help them not make the mistakes that my little birds tweet, tweet, tweeted into my ear about their friends floating down the aisle. This is a much longer blog, but it’s meant to provide a helping manicured hand to my sistas out there!

I understand $500.00 for your gal pal’s bachelorette trip is not in everyone’s budget. But, do take in mind that a bachelorette trip should be as stress-free as possible & all of those options mentioned above in the bullets take hours of planning, budgeting, etc. Do not fret, though. A more wallet-friendly bachelorette party with some background planning is completely do-able with the proper help. Check out what Kelsey Petry, the owner of the I Do Krewe and KP Travel has to say on affordable bachelorette trips:

  1. Staycation in NOLA/Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown – rent out an AirBnB or transform someone’s home to save money. Try a ghost tour, cocktail tour, cooking class, etc.

  2. Pick a destination within driving distance to make the road trip part of the fun. Honestly, some of my favorite memories from past bachelorette parties are the actual road trips themselves to Gulf Shores and Austin. One time our car broke down on the way to Disney, and it was quite the comical sequence of events that I will never forget (we made it though!).

  3. Expand the invite list to friends, moms, aunts, etc. outside of the bridal party to help split the cost.

  4. Consult a travel agent! Contrary to belief, agents can help save you money (hey, KP Travel!) if you’re looking into an all-inclusive resort or cruise. Some resorts let you split a room four-ways, or even get a villa to house eight girls. Although it sounds like cha-ching, cha-ching, it’s worth the convenience. No awkward bill splitting, no stressful grocery buying trips, no planning out “who’s going to buy the next round of shots for the bride”; you can simply relax and enjoy the vacation without seeing a bill the entire weekend

  5. Have someone open a new rewards credit card, put all purchases on their card and reap the benefits! At least someone will be happy, ha!

  6. Tie in the bachelorette to a festival, or some kind of all-day event. This way, everyone has the option to spend as little or as much as they want on food and drinks without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

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